Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bean Bags


A couple days ago I was playing around with some scrap pieces of fabric, and I was not really paying any attention  to what I was doing until  I saw it kind of looked like a pillow that was not stuffed.  Then I spotted the rice.  I decided to fill it up with rice and sew up the hole.  When I was finished I thought it was really fun to play with, my mum also said that maybe of you heat it up it would make a great heat pack for growing pains ( they hurt sometimes!)
So of course later that day I decided to heat it up like what my mum said and it worked just like a heat pack!!!!  I thought that it was cool that I made something that did two awesome things!!!

I sewed 3 strips of fabric together

I folded my fabric piece in half and with right sides together, I pinned around three sides.

I used a disappearing marker to mark the spot for the hole.

I sewed it

I turned it right side out and filled it with rice.

I sewed the hole closed

How cute are these

Fun to play with and great for growing pains!

Love Ruby xo


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm also a crafter, but I'm 12. It's great to know that young people craft too! :)

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