Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bean Bags


A couple days ago I was playing around with some scrap pieces of fabric, and I was not really paying any attention  to what I was doing until  I saw it kind of looked like a pillow that was not stuffed.  Then I spotted the rice.  I decided to fill it up with rice and sew up the hole.  When I was finished I thought it was really fun to play with, my mum also said that maybe of you heat it up it would make a great heat pack for growing pains ( they hurt sometimes!)
So of course later that day I decided to heat it up like what my mum said and it worked just like a heat pack!!!!  I thought that it was cool that I made something that did two awesome things!!!

I sewed 3 strips of fabric together

I folded my fabric piece in half and with right sides together, I pinned around three sides.

I used a disappearing marker to mark the spot for the hole.

I sewed it

I turned it right side out and filled it with rice.

I sewed the hole closed

How cute are these

Fun to play with and great for growing pains!

Love Ruby xo

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pompom love


 I have always loved pompoms!!!
Pompoms can be in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.  Whenever I see a pompom it makes me start to smile!!  You can do lots of things with pompoms like crafting (which is my favorite)
Here is an easy way to make your own pompoms, all you need is Yarn, scissors and your hand!

Wrap the yarn around your hand about 50 times

carefully slide the yarn off your hand

Take a piece of yarn and tie it around the center of the bundle...tie it super tight!

cut through all the loops

Give your pom a haircut

All ready for crafting.
Why not make a ton in all different colors, I love the idea of hanging them or stringing them!

Photo via

Photo via

 Love Ruby xox

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pop of Neon...and Leopard


 Remember how in another post I talked about a pop of neon?  Well this is my kind of a pop of neon!  I just like to add a tiny bit of neon and here it is in my belt! Can you believe it was only $1.50 from Forever 21?
While we are talking about pops of color, what about my pop of leopard on my feet. These are my favorite shoes right now!

This is me on my way to the bus stop.

My belt is too big so I just kinda wrapped it a bit to fit!

I love these shoes!

Love Ruby xo

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roller Skate Rescue......

         My awesome mum got me a cool pair of roller skates at the thrift store.  The only problem was they were a little boring.  So I decided to make them look way better by adding some simple things!!!!

Here is what you need.
Roller skates
Hot glue gun
Neon paint ( love Decoart Americana neon paint in Sizzling Pink)
Blue painters tape
Paint brushes

This is the before...Kinda boring right?

Use blue painters tape to mark the areas you want to paint.

I used Decoart Americana paint in Sizzling Pink.

Dab the paint on the area and let it dry

I don't love the writing and wanted to cover it up.

Trace a heart onto felt

Draw a heart inside the heart
Cut it out

I use tacky glue

Paint the glue in the little heart

Add any colored glitter, I liked the pink!

This is how it should look

Hot glue the heart over the words

How cute are these!!

Love Ruby xo

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabric circle necklace tutorial

This necklace is really easy to make and would make a fun gift for your bestie.

Photo by Kristen Gardner Photography

Here is what you need
Sewing machine
Disappearing ink marker
Scraps of fun fabric
Stiff interfacing
24 inches of ribbon
bottle cap or something else circular to trace. I used a medicine bottle cap (ask mom first)

Step 1
Trace 20 circles onto all different cotton fabrics. I cut 2 circles of each fabric.

Step 2
Trace 10 circles on a piece of stiff interfacing

Step 3
Cut everything out

Step 4
Place one piece of interfacing between 2 pieces of fabric, kind of like a sandwich.

Step 5
Sew 6 lines on the circle in a snowflake type pattern. It doesn’t have to be super neat so don’t worry.

Step 6
It should look like this

Step 7
Trim around each sewn circle so it looks nice and neat

Step 8
When you have sewn them all, lay them out how you want them to look

Step 9
Sew the circles in a row, as you sew across one, quickly put the next one under the machine and keep sewing. Go back and forth a couple of times so it is really secure.

Step 10
Do this with the other rows . Its really easy!

Step 11
It should look like this

Step 12
Cut your ribbon into two 12 inch pieces. Sew each one onto the back of the two top circles

Step 13
Cut all the annoying threads

All done!!!

Love Ruby xo

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